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Mac Macbook PC Computer Repair Shop Data Recovery Laptop Support Los Angeles

Whether you have an iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook or Macbook Pro, we will professionally repair your Apple products

Macbook and Macbook Pro Repair Services

We repair Dell, Toshiba, HP, Apple and all brands of desktop and laptop computers.

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Tech Studio’s business computer services and IT support were voted the #1 in Los Angeles by Fox Television

Business Computer Services & Home Computer Repair

Office virus removal, malware removal, server setup, file sharing, complete IT support, all major brands including Dell, Toshiba, HP and Apple.

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Recovering deleted files and data is our specialty. From accidental deletions to RAID 5, data recovery is our forte

Hard Disk Data Recovery

We recover all types of lost data and information including failed internal and external hard drives, flash drives, RAID, deleted files, missing files, laptops, desktops, iphones and more.

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Tech Studio Mac & PC Repair offers customers the best in computer repair services from the friendliest team in the greater Los Angeles area. We are geared to give you comprehensive computer services, no matter what type of machine you have. We do not expect our customers to be computer experts: that is what we are here for. Instead, we make sure to explain all problems and solutions in user-friendly terms.

Our expertly trained staff members have been both Microsoft and Apple Certified. We believe this is an important part of making sure you have the best expertise available to you. When you bring your laptops and computers to us, we recognize that you are putting a crucial part of your life into our hands. We strive to get you solutions as quickly as possible, so the disruption to you is as minimal as possible.

Home and Business

For computer repairs from Culver City to Burbank or Encino to the Beach Cities, Tech Studio can meet your every need. Our technicians are the best in the greater LA area. Whether your ailing device is a laptop or a desktop, or even one of any of the crucial mobile devices, we have the expertise to resolve the issue.

Our clientele involves both the individual computer or laptop user as well as many small businesses that need to rely on outside computer experts. This balance keeps us on our toes and aware of problem trends that might develop in either software or hardware. In the interests of making our services easily available to our customers, we provide both on-site and remote consulting in addition to the physical repairs of machines.

Home computers and laptops have become much more important in our daily lives, and the Tech Studio team does not take that lightly. We know that you need your machine repaired quickly. We apply our training and expertise to delivering speedy solutions to you for your computer problems. We can even bring in-home repair services at your location if necessary.

We also recognize that small businesses need fast computer repairs when things go wrong with their machines. We understand how the individual enterprise can have limited computing resources. If one computer goes awry, there may be little back-up available to the business. These concerns are why we give our business clients speedy attention when we are called in to provide computer repairs or other services.


No matter what type of laptop you use, you can be sure that for laptop repair in Los Angeles, we provide the best services. Due to the training of our technicians, you can be certain your specific model of laptop is familiar to us. We can provide these types of machine repairs:

  • MacBook repair
  • HP laptop repair
  • Dell laptop repair
  • Toshiba laptop repair
  • Any other type of laptop repair

The mobility of life in Los Angeles affects our computing, especially when things go wrong with our laptops. No matter where you are in the greater Los Angeles area, from the edge of Orange County all the way across the San Fernando Valley, from the mountains to the beach communities, we will bring you the best of laptop repairs and other computer services. Whatever type of help you need, hardware repairs as well dealing with software issue


The key device for record keeping in businesses is still the computer. Desktops and independent servers have become the heart of most enterprise operations. Maintaining these important machines is crucial for business life. When you reach out to Tech Studio for repair help, you will find the best and friendliest specialists in the Greater Los Angeles region. Our technicians have been trained to work on any make or model of computer.

It is important to our customers to know that our service team members have the familiarity with your machine that will let them spot problems unique to that make or unexpected developments that have crippled your computer. Our team members have been Microsoft Certified for PC machines and Apple Certified for all Apple devices. With this expertise at our command, we are confident that we will bring you the best service available.

For computer repair, Culver City to the San Fernando Valley to Glendale, our team can deliver on-site repairs and consulting. We consider the needs of our clients to be our first concern. We pride ourselves on giving clear, easily understandable explanations of what may be wrong with a client’s computer. We want to make sure that you have a solid grasp of the problems and our proposed solutions. We feel it is important that you are comfortable with the options we give you.

Mobile Devices

A wide variety of mobile devices have captured key positions in our daily lives, and the Tech Studio team considers it to be vitally important that we stay on top of the repair possibilities. We believe that you should get the maximum amount of use of all your devices. Because of this, we have mastered the replacement of screens, especially touch screens, on tablets and smartphones and other devices. When all your smaller electronics need expert attention, you can feel assured that your tablet, MP3 player or iPod, or even your smartphone we get excellent attention from our specialists.

Malware Removal

One of the primary concerns after hardware failure is the problem of removing malicious content that malware can place on the hard drives of computers and laptops. Viruses can create serious problems by slowing down the machine, tracking keystrokes and internet surfing, or playing havoc with private databases. Our specialists are trained at sweeping your system and removing any malware that might have taken up residence on your computer or laptop. We can apply the latest protective software, removing the harmful coding. Contact us promptly if you suspect an infection has somehow gotten through your current security software.

Data Recovery

A consequence of some software problems can be a loss of data on the computer or laptop. Our team has the capability of pulling up lost files. Depending on the cause of the problem, recovery may not, unfortunately, involve a successful reclamation of 100% of the damaged files. But if it can be reclaimed, our team can lift it from the damaged drive. This service can be vitally important in business circumstances, when securing as much of the old data is important.

IT Assistance

Small businesses are not usually able to maintain their own IT personal for their computers. And yet, from time to time, they are certain to have need of such specialty expertise. Tech Studio can provide you with those experts. Our team members stay current with the basics of operating systems, browsers, security software and protocols, and general programs that businesses and individuals might use. This enables us to provide assistance as needed for those who require IT assistance anywhere in the greater Los Angeles region. We can be available at need, either on site at your location or by a secured remote connection.

Remote Services

Given the large territory of southern California, bringing a computer or laptop physically to our experts may be a problem. However, it need not be an insoluble problem. We can make a secure internet connection with you at your location and run diagnostic software. There are many types of problems that can be easily resolved this way. If the problem cannot be solved by means of the remote connection, our experts may be able to inform you at least of the nature of the problem and what your possible options are.

At Tech Studio, we know your time is valuable. We also realize that receiving clear explanations as to the types of solutions we can provide to your computer problems can be a great relief. When you come to us, you can be certain you will get professionally trained technicians who understand the importance of your computing devices in your daily life and business. We value you and so push ourselves to deliver prompt service of excellent quality. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.