Data Recovery

data recovery los angelesCall Tech Studio Mac and PC Repair when you need data recovery in the Los Angeles area. We're the data recovery experts! In today’s digital world, data storage, integrity, and security are of paramount importance. Tech Studio recommends multiple backup strategies to  all of our clients. That's because no matter how careful your are, things can and do go wrong with computers and hard drives. Hard drive failures, accidental deletions, broken laptops and desktops, and damaged RAID servers can all cause data loss for both business and home users.

Hard Drives Don't Last Forever

Because it is a moving, mechanical part, a typical hard drive has a limited lifespan, and it's more fragile than other components. Hard drives are highly sensitive to shock and vibration. They can be damaged by dropping your computer, moving your laptop while it is turned on, or even changes in its environment.

If you turn on your computer and hear a clicking sound, or are presented with an opening screen that reads, "Operating System Not Found," it's almost certain that you've suffered a hard drive failure. Modern computer hard drives are very reliable, and they offer a great deal of storage for very little money. That encourages computer users to store hundreds of important files like music, pictures, video, and personal and business documents. If your hard drive fails, you need more than a computer repair. You need to get your whole life back!

The Data Is Still There

Tech Studio Mac and PC Repair in Los Angeles is your data recovery lifeline. Data is stored on hard disks as a series of magnetic ones and zeroes. That means that even though the drive can't read or write anymore, it's very likely that the information is still on the disk. If the data is on there, chances are that Tech Studio can retrieve it.

Our cost-effective data recovery service can get your precious files back at a price you can afford. If your hard drive is showing signs of failure, but hasn't yet given up the ghost,  don't delay. Bring your computer to our computer repair shop at 12417 Greenwood Street in Mar Vista, and we'll copy your files onto a brand new hard drive. We'll also set you up with an effective backup storage plan that will make sure there's no chance you'll lose your data in the future. If you're worried about storing your backup data locally, we can hook you up with a cloud computing backup solution that keeps your files safe and secure on the Web.

Not Just Desktop Hard Drives

Tech Studio in Mar Vista can recover data from almost any type of storage device, not just desktop and laptop hard drives. If you have important files on a failed micro SD card, thumb drive, or any kind of compact Flash memory card, we can retrieve that, too. Today's smartphones store a lot of data as well, and Tech Studio can retrieve your data from those, too.

We perform all repairs right here in our Los Angeles computer repair shop. Performing our own repairs locally saves you time -- and money. Many of our competitors charge in $1000 for most recoveries. Tech Studio prices start at only $129 for one hour of service, and is billed hourly after that depending on the type and difficulty of recovery.

Typical Data Recovery Scenarios and Solutions:

  • Retrieve data and replace hard disks
  • Install external hard drives
  • Recover lost or accidentally deleted files
  • Restore corrupted or missing information
  • Retrieve data from iPhones, iPads, tablets, and smartphones
  • Data recovery from Mac and MacBook Pro
  • Retrieve and restore data from desktop and  laptop computers
  • Retrieve files from SD, micro SD cards, and compact flash
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
  • Undelete accidentally erased files

Data Recovery Pricing

Tier 1 recoveries cover a lot of different types of drive failures. Tech Studio can retrieve data whether a partition is lost, the data is corrupted, or the hard drive is having trouble reading sectors. These types of problems are common after a power surge, a drop, or an accidental erasure. Our Tier 1 data recovery service starts at $258.

Tier 2 recoveries include hard drives that are clicking or making other noises, freezing the computer, or are not spinning anymore. Certain data corruptions fall under the Tier 2 classification as well. For the most challenging retrievals, Tech Studio can replace the PCB (power control boards) and some additional disk components to attempt recovery. Tier 2 recoveries start at $516.

Affordable Data Recovery Services in Los Angeles

Data recovery mar vistaA disk diagnostic and recovery estimate from Tech Studio is free. You pay only for successful recoveries that you approve beforehand. Our data recovery repairs are are  performed right here at our convenient Mar Vista computer repair shop, guaranteeing you the fastest turnaround, direct communication, and personalized service.

Tech Studio will be glad to transfer your data to a hard disk you provide, or we can supply you with a new disk. We'll also be happy to help you reorganize your data and make sure your computer is running properly. We can hook you up with a failsafe backup plan to avoid trouble down the road. Call or come by our Mar Vista computer repair shop at 12417 Woodgreen Street, conveniently located near the Santa Monica Airport. There's always plenty of free, off-street parking in our lot.