21 Questions Every Computer Tech Should Ask

Memory – do they have enough? Are they running Vista with 2 Gb of memory? Windows XP with 1 Gb? You get the picture. Please make sure they have enough memory and if they don’t, explain to them what a difference in performance, usability, time savings and overall computing satisfaction it can make for such a nominal cost. I often say that it is “the next best thing to getting a new computer” although that quote is more suited for SSDs. How about “a memory upgrade can make your computer feel 3 years newer”?
Onsite backup? If they do, do they image? Explain the benefits over a simple data backup. Is the backup working? Do they test it? Do they have a disaster recovery plan (very important for businesses)
Offsite, online backup. Do they do it? If they do, are they sure it is set up properly? Many programs are not included in the defacto setup of these programs. It is worth hiring us to make sure. If they do have an online backup, do they also have an onsite backup? Explain the benefits and disadvantages of each method and why they are both necessary. For example, online backups are slow. Onsite backups will not help you in a disaster like theft or fire.
SSD hard drive upgrade. Explain to them that if they spend over an hour a day on their computer they will reap substantial time savings as well as overall computing satisfaction.
Calendar and contact sharing. Do they need or want it? They don’t have to buy an exchange server. We can do it with WorkGroupShare and the software is free.
Is it time for them to buy or replace their server?
Is it time for them to replace their laptop or desktop? We will help them find the lowest price in the country for a laptop that is perfect for them and then help them set it up and transfer all of their data and programs.
Is it time for them to buy a new computer. We build amazing custom systems from $599 to $10,000. Water cooling is awesome! We make the best gaming systems.
Don’t renew your antivirus or pay for any software or hardware. Please call us first, we can often provide a free solution for software and save big money on hardware. Advice from experienced professionals is free.
Would they like their computers cleaned? This will save potential costly hardware repairs and make their computer run faster and quieter.
Would they like the office to contact them via phone or email to schedule yearly tuneups and cleanings? Computers are like cars, they need to be tuned up and cleaned once a year.
Are they using an O.S. that can be upgraded or should be? Tell them that we do that and highly recommend upgrading from Vista which is slow and buggy and Windows 7 is way faster and more stable and Windows 8 is junk and downgrading to 7 is a great upgrade.
Are they paying for static IP addresses? If so, they can stop and save big money and we can set up DynDNS for them. They just need a router that supports DynDNS (which many already have) and a little bit of time to set it up.
Do they want to share files or printers? We can set that up.
Do they want to watch streaming internet on their TV with an Apple TV or Roku? They can cancel their cable or satellite (Jennifer and I did) and save money or just have more options like Netflix, Pandora, Amazon streaming and Hulu.
Have they been hacked or had infections in the past? Maybe its time for the free Comodo Firewall (without all of the crap) for extra online banking and malware protection.
Do they need a new website or a website remodel or update? We build and update WordPress, PHP, ColdFusion and custom database and shopping cart websites that they can update themselves starting at $500.
Do they have a business and need some Search Engine or Social Media optimization? We can get them to the first page of Google and all of the other search engines.
How is the customer’s wireless range? Is their router old and might them get faster speeds by upgrading to a gigabit router? Do they have to reset it often
Do they have a custom website? Do they need Search Engine Optimization?
When was the last time they performed a network audit of all of their equipment, software, services packs etc. It can be performed with free software from open-audit.org